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Making sense of the General Election 2019

This year’s General Election is probably the most complicated in living memory! There are so many different party and individual MP stances on Brexit to take into consideration alone, not to mention all the other issues that politicians are supposed to focus on! With so many MPs stepping down or changing parties, it’s no wonder that many people feel they have no idea who they want to vote for!

Fortunately, the lovely people at Sky News have put together an interactive manifesto-checker so that you can compare at a glance the different party stances on the issues that matter to you such as the economy, education, climate change and so on. You can find the Sky News Interactive Manifesto Checker here.


Whatever happens on 12th December, we’ll be here to help you work out what impact any potential new government policies will have on your business, and how to take advantage of, or mitigate against them.