We combine our commercial knowledge with our specialist technical expertise to provide our clients with specialist solutions. Our specialist tax and VAT services include Patent Box, Capital Allowances, R&D, Property Taxes, Tax Investigations, and more.


Companies carrying out qualifying R&D activities can claim significant corporation tax relief on eligible expenditure. Eligible companies can benefit from a tax credit if they are loss-making or a corporation tax reduction if they are profitable. We can guide you on making a comprehensive submission to HMRC and liase with them on your behalf.

Patent Box

This regime aims to encourage innovation within the UK and contribute towards the nations growth. The regime provides a 10% effective rate of tax on profits related to certain patents and IP rights.

Capital Allowances

Over half of UK businesses will not have claimed their entitlement to capital allowances which could be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. We can help you to claim on any asset you may acquire, from business vehicles to machinery and equipment for your business.


Whether you have a new business or are looking to expand your established business, we can help you to identify and secure government backed loans or grant funding. We can advise you on what funding will be available to you and guide you to make sure you have everything prepared to secure the funds.

Property Tax & SDLT

If you are buying selling owning or inheriting property in the UK, there are acres of tax implications you need to be aware of. Property and construction attract a complex interaction of taxes and there is often significant value inherent from the holding or the development of property which continues to attract new taxes and tax regime changes. Additionally, SDLT legislation is increasingly complex and often misunderstood, with a number of unwelcome pitfalls which can catch out the unsuspecting.

Creative Industries Tax Relief

If you are based in the creative industries we could help you claim one of 8 corporation tax reliefs that make up the ‘Creative Industry Tax Reliefs’ scheme. These allow qualifying creative industries companies to increase their amount of allowable expenditure, and pay less corporation tax, or if the company makes a loss, to surrender this and convert some or all of it into a payable tax credit.

Employment Taxes and Share Schemes

Companies can pay their employees using shares and the government is actively encouraging it. The rules are complex, as legislators have tried to encourage share ownership while discouraging tax avoidance. We can assist in navigating these complexities and have considerable experience in advising on and implementing a wide variety of employee share schemes.


Introduced in the UK as a ‘simple tax’, VAT has become one of the most complicated of taxes, based on European and UK legislation and on interpretation of case law. Regardless of the complexity of the VAT issue, our practical advice can help to manage your VAT position.

Tax for entrepreneurs and corporates

Entrepreneurs and corporate clients face a range of tax issues when establishing, growing and selling a business. The tax marketplace has changed significantly in recent years, with the introduction of follower notices and accelerated payment notices. We are committed to providing comprehensive and efficient tax advice.

Tax Investigations

At ER Grove we care deeply about all of our clients and we promise that we will provide complete comfort and peace of mind that we will fiercely defend any enquiry into you or your business.

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