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Technological Trends for 2021

While it’s far from certain how the rest of 2020 is going to pan out, we thought it might be nice to look into the future and consider what the world of technology might have in store for 2021! Writing for Forbes, the technology expert Bernard Marr identifies his predictions for the 5 most significant technology trends for 2021:


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We have blogged about the rise of AI several times over the last few years, and Marr predicts that this will become an even more significant tool in 2021, helping us to understand and overcome the Covid pandemic through the use of ever more sophisticated algorithms. As more people work, socialise and shop virtually due to the pandemic, that means more data to be collected, analysed, and monetised. Big Brother is almost certainly watching….!



Another subject that we’ve blogged about before, automation has received a massive boost from the pandemic, as all sectors work out how they can provide their services with reduced human interaction.  Marr predicts that we could even see robots working in Care Homes – which does sound a little like the plot for a terrifying sci-fi movie! He suggests robots could be used for cleaning, delivering medicine, and for interaction and communication with vulnerable residents who are prone to infection.


Cloud Services Technology

Another obvious beneficiary of the ‘new normal’ is cloud-based services. Marr predicts that this will continue to be a strong area of growth next year as demand for remote working tools continues. You know somethings a definite trend when even the accountants are on board – find out about our Cloud Accounting service here.


Enhanced connectivity with 5G

The roll-out of 5G will see enhanced digital capabilities, making AR and VR accessible on the move, and according to Marr arguably threatening to make traditional cable and fibre networks redundant. This, of course, assumes that all the 5G masts don’t get torn down by people who believe that 5G caused Covid…..


Augmented and Virtual Reality

As highlighted above, the introduction of 5G will make augmented and virtual reality more accessible. (If you’re wondering what the difference is, augmented reality is images superimposed over what you can already see, and virtual reality is fully computer generated images.) Not just useful in gaming, these technologies can be harnessed for other purposes, such as medical diagnoses – Marr highlights a service already available where opticians can carry out an eye test and even let their customers browse glasses and see what they look like on their face, all from the comfort of their own home through AR technology.


It’s clear that the world of technology has been influenced heavily by the pandemic. Let’s hope that one of the technological trends for 2021 might be a Covid vaccine!