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Are you ‘fit’ for business?

Now more than ever, staying fit and healthy is essential for everyone. But for business owners there is often not the time or opportunity to look after ourselves properly. However, if we lose our good health, it will have an impact on everything we do, including our business success. So, how can we invest in our health while keeping on top of all the other things we need to do?

Science suggests that we need a balance of pulse-raising, resistance, and flexibility exercises in order to stay in good condition. That means some kind of cardio / aerobic activity, some form of strength / weights training, and some stretching exercises. This won’t just keep our bodies looking fierce, but will also boost our immune system, meaning we’re less likely to catch any nasty bugs that are floating around.


Cardio-boosting tips

If you’re not an early-rising gym bunny type of gal or guy, there are still plenty of ways to work aerobic exercise into your working day. Try upping your walking pace when you’re out and about – or make a conscious effort to leave the office/home office at lunchtime to get some steps in. The NHS ‘Active 10’ app is a great way to keep track of how fast and long you’ve been walking, just using measurements taken by your phone while you’re out and about.


What about when it’s raining?

Your PE teacher would tell you to just get outside and not be afraid of getting a bit wet, but now you have adult autonomy, exercising in the rain isn’t something that you have to do. Try raising your heart rate with dancing by taking boogie breaks from your desk (assuming that no-one is watching!), or invest in a standing desk so that you can burn calories while you work. You could also try walking round the office / house while you’re on a phonecall (not on Zoom though, that would make you look weird!)


Strength-building tips

Fortunately we don’t all have to strip down to our shorts, powder our hands and try to lift our own bodyweight on a bar to improve our muscle mass (although no judgement here if that’s what you want to do…) You can use your own bodyweight for a resistance workout, doing exercises such as press-ups, squats or planks. Even carrying your shopping home counts as resistance training, which is great news for those of us who carry their entire life in their handbags on a daily basis! Just make sure you swap arms occasionally or you’ll be one half Popeye and one half Olive Oyl…


Surreptitious stretching

We don’t want to be giving the impression we’re bored out of our minds at our desks by doing a yawn and stretch manoeuvre, so you might want to invest in a Yoga or Pilates app, or find a free YouTube programme that you can follow. Even 5 minutes of Yoga can make you more flexible, and calmer too, so find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, and stretch both your body and your mind.



Remember, we’re not doctors. In fact, this blog has been written by an overweight woman who was literally eating a biscuit at the same time. So if you’re planning an overhaul of your fitness regime, make sure to check in with your GP or other healthcare professional first!